Configure your deployments & charts

Keel allows to postpone deployment or Helm chart updates until they are manually approved. This allows to have a semi automated workflows where user still has to make a final decision whether to update a resource or not.

Configuration is slightly different for Kubernetes and Helm providers.

Enabling approvals

Approvals are enabled by default but currently there is only one way to approve/reject updates: Slack - commands like:

  • keel get approvals - get all pending/approved/rejected approvals
  • keel approve <identifier> - approve specified request.
  • keel reject <identifier> - reject specified request.

Make sure you have set export SLACK_TOKEN=<your slack token here> environment variable for Keel deployment.

Configuring via Kubernetes deployments

The only required configuration for Kubernetes deployment to enable approvals is to add "1" with a number (string! as the underlying type is map[string]string) of required approvals.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Deployment
  name: wd
  namespace: default
      name: "wd" all poll    "1"

Configuring via Helm charts

To enable approvals for a Helm chart update Keel config section in values.yaml with a required number of approvals:

replicaCount: 1
  repository: karolisr/webhook-demo
  tag: "0.0.13"
  pullPolicy: IfNotPresent 
  name: webhookdemo
  type: ClusterIP
  externalPort: 8090
  internalPort: 8090

  # keel policy (all/major/minor/patch/force)
  policy: all
  # trigger type, defaults to events such as pubsub, webhooks
  trigger: poll
  # polling schedule
  pollSchedule: "@every 1m"
  # approvals required to proceed with an update
  approvals: 1
  # images to track and update
    - repository: image.repository
      tag: image.tag

Approving through Slack example

Keel will send notifications to your Slack group about pending approvals. Approval process is as simple as replying to Keel:

  • Approve: keel approve default/whr:0.4.12
  • Reject it: keel reject default/whr:0.4.12

Example conversation:

HTTP endpoint

You can also view pending/rejected/approved update request on http://localhost:9300/v1/approvalsKeel endpoint (make sure you have service exported). Example response:

		"provider": "helm",
		"identifier": "default/wd:0.0.15",
		"event": {
			"repository": {
				"host": "",
				"name": "",
				"tag": "0.0.15",
				"digest": ""
			"createdAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
			"triggerName": "poll"
		"message": "New image is available for release default/wd (0.0.13 -> 0.0.15).",
		"currentVersion": "0.0.13",
		"newVersion": "0.0.15",
		"votesRequired": 1,
		"deadline": "2017-09-26T09:14:54.979211563+01:00",
		"createdAt": "2017-09-26T09:14:54.980936804+01:00",
		"updatedAt": "2017-09-26T09:14:54.980936824+01:00"